Normandy region

Gatteville le Phare in Normandy

Gatteville le Phare in Normandy

A map of Normandie

Normandie in France

The departments in Normandie

The departements of Normandie

The towns in Normandie

The towns and cities of Normandie

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The capital city is Rouen

The region of Normandy was created in 2016 with the fusion of the older "Upper" and "Lower" regions of Normandy.

The northern part of the region has a coast line with the English Channel.

The regions before the fusion
Upper Normandy
Lower Normandy

The departments in Normandy are:

Number Department Capital
76 Seine Maritime Rouen
27 Eure Evreux
14 Calvados Caen
50 Manche Saint-Lô
61 Orne Alençon

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