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The Library of Congress has listed this www.reallyfrench.com in their selected resources "Information on the regions of France, as well as the departments within each region. Maps, descriptions, links to local media, web sites and businesses."

Frobes.com: Best of the web

Though mainly a portal, this site is still worthwhile for its overview on all things French. Choose from 16 categories music to cruises or hotels. Need to know where Roquefort is made? The extensive regional maps show cheese production regions, along with the location of Cognac or Burgundy for wine aficionados. Other helpful guides: latest news, access to events like the Le Mans or a time-line of French prime ministers. Caveat: focuses mainly on the basics. BEST: Free French lessons with streaming audio.

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California Head Start Association France Web Publicity provides a very comprehensive site that contains maps, information on art and culture, regional information and a good source of general information about the country.



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