Silmple French Phrases

French sentences, an easy way to learn

Start to learn some basic phrases

Here are some very easy phrases to learn and get you started in French. There are audio examples on most pages, so you can listen and repeat lessons as many times as you want.

Lesson 1 : Hello : How to say say hello, for any time of the day.

Lesson 2 : Goodbye : Saying goodbye and when you'll meet again.

Lesson 3 : Who am I... : Tell a French person who you are and where you come from.

Lesson 4 : Please.. Thank you : Everyday politeness

Translation exercise : Translate two conversations

Lesson 5 : Numbers : Introduction to the numbers

Lesson 6 : Reserve a hotel room : What to say in the hotel

Lesson 8 : Movement and directions, phrases such as "turn left", "walk the other way"

Translation exercise : With phrases containing numbers, vocabulary, masculine and feminine words

Improving your vocabulary with themes that interest you. Learn words and phrases then try the exercises.

Articles about the language, with tips and advice for improving your skills: