Learn to speak numbers in French

Lesson 5 : An introduction to using numbers in French

An introduction to French numbers with audio examples. As in all languages, numbers are very important to learn.

(Listen to the audio player at the bottom of the page, repeat these simply phrases out lood, you can also listen to the audio available on the theme page called Numbers )

Your first numbers in French

English French
There is one house Il y a une maison
There are two cars Il y a deux voitures
He has two minutes Il a deux minutes
She has two hours Elle a deux heures
We have 100 Euro Nous avons cent Euro
There are three boys

Il y a trois garçons

Six eggs please

Six oeufs s'il vous plait



Il y a = There is / There are

Were as :
Il a = He has
Elle a = She has
Nous avons = We have
This comes from the verb "Avoir" = to have.

As in English, the noun generally takes an "s" when plural. The exceptions and rules will be explained later.