Lesson 2 : Saying Goodbye in French

Lesson 2 : How to say Good-bye in French

Saying good bye is as easy as the greeting, you will generally adapt th phrase you use depending on the time of day and respect the form of politeness.

Listen to the audio player at the bottom of the page, and do not forget to repeat the phrases out loud and improve your accent



Good day
Good bye

Au revoir

Good bye and see you tomorrow.

Au revoir et à demain

Good evening
Good night

Bonne nuit

Good evening ladies and gentlemen
Good night children

Bonsoir mesdames et messieurs
Bonne nuit les enfants

See you soon
See you tomorrow

À bientôt
À demain

Bye everybody!
See you soon my friend
See you tomorrow morning

Salut tout le monde!
A bientôt mon ami
A demain matin



In France you shake hands to say good-bye. With friends of the opposite sex cheek kissing is common; whilst men friends normally shake hands. Within the family cheek kissing is normal between all sexes.


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