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Old volcanos of the Auvergne

Old volcanos of the Auvergne

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Map of Auvergne in France

Previously Auvergne

Map of the major towns and cites in Auvergne

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Regional capital : Clermont-Ferrand

Departments / Counties of Auvergne

Number Department Capital
63 Puy de Dôme Clermont-Ferrand
43 Haute Loire Le Puy
15 Cantal Aurillac
3 Allier Vichy

Famous for the volcanic landscape, Roquefort blue cheese and spring water. Vercingétorix and the marquis de La Fayette and even skiing.

Small farming and old silver mining villages are perched on steep hill sides and in deep river valleys.

A region offering varied and striking contrasts, the grass topped dormant volcanoes at almost 2000 metres above sea level descend to rich green forest and deep river gorges which curve and cut their way downstream. The buildings change colour from village to village as the black lava gives way to various tones of limestone.

The region was offered a last stand in preserving their own language before being forced to speak French.

Hot summers and cold winters, living in the Auvergne requires a strong character and personality, the local people always offer a warm welcome.

Landscape view of the Auvergne hills and lakes
A view of the Auvergne mountains and lakes in autumn

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