Politics in France

Since the French revolution in 1789, the establishment of a democratic government in 1792 (The First Republic) and the end of the reign of the kings and queens in France, there has always been a Parliament of some sort in France. Despite the dark days of the Second World war and the infamous Vichy government, were the influence of Hitler and Nazi occupation clouded many a politician. French politics tend to swing moderately from one side to the other at ever election. Sometimes it's a moderate swing and every now and then a major swap. Politics are very emotional, you still hear words such as Communism, Trotski and Nationalism in political discussions.

Charles De Gaule and Francois Mitterand were probably the most famous and influential leaders of the political scene. Although both of these Presidents are no longer voters tend to be conservator, "Gauliste" to the right or "Socialiste" and "Mitterandist" to the left.

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The principle political parties of France

Le Parti Socialiste

Le PS socialist party.


Union pour un movement populaire, conservator party based on Gauliste ideas.


Union pour la démocracie Français, centre-liberal party

Les Verts

The Green party, mainly left wing, but there are some breakaway parties.


Parti communiste français, communiste party


LCR, Ligue communiste revolutionnaire


Chasse Pêache Nature Traditions, pro hunting, fishing and traidtions.

Major trade unions in France

Major trade unions


C.G.T, founded in 1985, la Confédération Générale du Travail


Force Ouvrière