French presidential elections 2007

The 2007 elections will be an important change for the French political world, Jacques Chirac is the last of the "old generation" to be in power, the next President will be of the new generation (although Chirac has not yet confirmed that he will not be presenting himself).

The result may elect the first ever Lady president... After the last election which almost let the "National Front", a right wing party, to be elected, due to a massive misunderstanding by the socialist party and a low turn out in the first round.

Will 2007 see an increase in the number of voters ? Are the French moving towards extremities as the problems of immigration seem to be the subject of the day. Many French are fed up with Europe. Environmental issues gather popularity. So will things change this time ?

Candidates for the first round

(20th March 2007) : The 12 finalists have now been selected. The candidates have obtained 500 signatures from different mayors in France, which are necessary to be able to run in the first round of voting.

Results and discussions

After the final vote on the 6th of May 2007, the official winner is Nicolas Sarkozy.

Second and final round of votes:

  • Nicolas Sarkozy : 53.06%
  • S�gol�ne Royal :46.94%

First round of votes:

  • Olivier BESANCENOT : 4.08%
  • Marie-George BUFFET : 1.93%
  • Gérard SCHIVARDI : 0.34%
  • François BAYROU : 18.57%
  • José Bové : 1.32%
  • Dominique VOYNET : 1.57%
  • Philippe de VILLIERS : 2.23%
  • Ségoléne Royal : 25.87%
  • Frédéric NIHOUS : 1.15%
  • Jean-Marie LE PEN : 10.44 %
  • Arlette LAGUILLER : 1.33%
  • Nicolas Sarkozy : 31.18%

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