Francine de Lavigne

On a visit to a small medieval market town called Arnay-le-Duc, a massive oak door opens onto a paved courtyard, to reveal a very different craftsman’s workshop called “Atelier de la Closerie”.

Along the walls and shelves, there is an unusual collection of jars containing cobalt and copper sulfate,  various wood ashes and baked soils from various regions are neatly aligned on the wooden shelves. These are only a few of the ingredients used in the ceramic fabrication process.

Francine de Lavigne

I enjoy the curves and not the straight lines.

Sharing ceramic cart

Francine enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills.
Every year students come from afar to learn the ceramic arts and master the firing techniques of the kilns.


Learning Ceramic Art in Burgundy

Francine also proposes ceramic art courses in her own workshop. And as it just so happens, she can offer bed and breakfast to her students. With two independent apartments in the town’s old centre, you can benefit from the historical surroundings and learn Francine’s “savoir faire”  combined for a great holiday.

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