The ancient fortified town of Aigues Mortes, is a lively and worthwhile destination in the south of France, located on the coast in the department of the Hérault and the Languedoc-Roussillon region and the Petit Camargue. A once important port for the crusades, the massive walls with 6 towers and 10 doors, surround the town protecting the citizens from the sea and invasions. From afar you can see the Tower of Constance which is the tallest building within the walls.


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One of the 10 doors

The stone walls

Impressive fortifications

Small streets and houses

Streets and no cars

Old stone houses

Street gardens

Shops and restaurants centered around the main square called “Place Saint Louis”

Curiosity shops

Pottery and clocks


Lunch on a sunny afternoon

Place Saint Louis is a busy  place

Relaxing restaurant terrace.

Outside the city walls the canal “Rhone to Sete” provides access from the to the river Rhone and the Mediterranean Sea.

The small port provided the town with means to export the nearby salt production and other products via the canals and rivers to inland France. Today the port is dedicated to a few fishing boats and pleasure boats. If you would like to see a luxury barge which cruises on these canals and rivers, check out the Saroche.

If you are interested in visiting the town check out the local tourism office.