So we know have the final outcome of the football season ! Many will be happy, whilst others do not really care of course.
So Marseilles are the champions and they have been having a great party at the port in the city center. There is also Auxerre and Lyon who have qualified for the European stages. The big loser is Bordeaux who failed to qualify.

We also have been told that Laurent Blanc (currently the manager of Bordeaux), will become the manager of the French national football team no matter what happens at the world cup, he will be replacing the controversial Raymond Domenech.

For motor racing fans, there was the Grandprix at Monaco and the Rugby season is almost finished but undecided. Tennis fans will have a great time in a few days with the start of the French open at Roland Garos. The French basketball star Tony Parker will not be playing in the world cup at Turkey, which is a huge blow to the team.


Apart from the sport there is also the room for culture and the rendezvous for many stars with the Cannes film festival. Just before the start of the film festival, a storm with very high waves created much damage to the sea front. However the repairs and red carpet where put back in place with speed and talent.
The opinions of the films being shown in the competition are diverse and arguments always rage. We’ll see who win the awards in a few more days.