In France we are still waiting for the real spring time (Printemps) to arrive. The temperatures are low and some of the ski stations have had snow falls ! However the flowers and blossoms are here, the gardeners trying to sow the seeds at the right moment.

We have had a few days of great sunshine and have been able to take advantage of the beaches, a few moments to think of something else and not the “La Crises”. We all know we will have to work even more years to pay the huge costs of the pensions “La Retraite”, so taking advantage of great weather is a way to escape the thought of more working years.

French people are already amongst the most taxed in the world but the government are not talking about increasing taxes. Instead there are rumors of removing certain advantages, which are given to the lower tax payers. There is now a fear of “la Rigueur”.

This is also a long weekend for many people, as Thursday is “Ascension” a holiday which many will take. Now as most schools do not open on Wednesday, people will take a day off work on Friday. This means they have from Wednesday evening to Sunday night. A great short holiday!
We may as well rest now as we know will will have to work more in the future! That’s the French way of thinking.

So, spring is almost here, a sign of change, but what will the price be?