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Snap shots from the summer.

Getting to know the country of France takes time and requires a long phase of relaxation so that you can enjoy every single moment. Understanding the French is a slow process, the country is vast and diverse, you'll need to travel and talk, exchange ideas and opinions. Within minutes the landscape plunges in altitude, the colours switch and flicker, the temperatures sore and the ambiance warms. (more…)
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Golden autumn

A gentle stroll along the calm and very picturesque Burgundy canal in the Auxois region close to Dijon in the heart of the county "Cote d'Or" (the Gold Coast). The weather is exceptionally warm for late October. There are busy ladybirds and bees hunting for pollen on flowers which have blossomed for a second time this year. (more…)
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Heading to the South of France

We're preparing a trip to the South to the historic town of Aigues-Morte and Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, departure date is the Friday the 26th of June, the objective is to collect  as many photos of the Camargue, the rice fields, horses, the beaches and of course the barges and canals. You can read an older article about the Camargue on our other site Bookmark this page.  
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Discover French confectioneries and sweets

France is renowned for its hundreds of cheese varieties as well as the many different wines that are produced. However, France also has more than 600 kinds of confectioneries. They generally are typical of a specific region and may not be available in every store. Here is a list of what you can find : (more…)
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Saint Seine l'Abbaye

2104 September 20th, a Burgundy day out

A holiday, a day out,  a small trip. With only a  few miles of driving this is what we see. We head towards the historic Chatillonnais  area of Burgundy to view the finals of the Border Collie Sheep dog competition. (more…)
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The river Doubs and town of Dole

In the department of the Jura in Eastern France, along the banks of the river Doubs is a splendid town called Dole. [caption id="attachment_257" align="aligncenter" width="474"] The town of Dole[/caption] (more…)
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Walking in the steps of ancient Romans along the cobbled streets of the town called "Autun". (more…)
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Cycling along the canal   A bike ride along the tow-path on the southern side of the Burgundy Canal, between the village of Sainte Sabine and Veuvey-sur-Ouche.  
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