Official result

Emmanuel Macron is reelected President of France with 58.54% of the votes.

Final voting round

24th March 2022 at 20.11 p.m.

Voting closes at 8 p.m. and we can now tell you that the opinion polls have announced the re-election of Emmanuel Macron with more than 58% of the votes.

The official results are on the following Election Results page

First voting round

The first round of voting for the election is on the 10th of April and a final vote if needed on the 24th of April 2022.

Updated the 11/04/2022

Results of the first round of voting from the 10th of April:

Emmanuel Macron (LREM) 27.6 %
Marine Le Pen (RN) 23.4 %
Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI) 22.0 %
Éric Zemmour (REC) 7.,0 %
Valérie Pécresse (LR) 4.8 %
Yannick Jadot (ECO) 4.6 %
Jean Lassalle (DVC) 3.2 %
Fabien Roussel (COM) 2.3 %
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (EXD) 2.1 %
Anne Hidalgo (PS) 1.7 %
Philippe Poutou (EXG) 0.8 %
Nathalie Arthaud (EXG) 0.6 %

This means that Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen go through to the second and deciding voting round on the 28th of April. The other candidates are eliminated.

The official results are on this page:
Election présidentielle 2022 (

Information about voting can be found on the government’s official site.

The list of all the candidates will close on 4th March 2022. The campaign will officially start on the 28th of March.

List of the presidential candidates

  • Nathalie Arthaud
  • Emmanuel Macron (current elected president of France)
  • Nanne Hidalgo
  • Nicolas Dupont-Aignan
  • Yannick Jadot
  • Jean Lassalle
  • Jean-Luc Mélenchon
  • Valérie Pécresse
  • Marine Le Pen
  • Philippe Poutou
  • Fabien Roussel
  • Eric Zemmour