French Music

The best French artists

The popular music of France has never influenced the world in the same manner as her Anglo Saxon neighbours, however, every once in a while a very special person will make a huge international impact which generally last for years, and often generations. Here is a short but non-exhaustive list of the best French singers.

Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf, is the pride and joy of all people from all backgrounds. Piaf, which also means Sparrow, is an ideal description of the physical size, but not close the the colossal talent and voice of the tiny Parisian lady. Born in the streets of Paris in 1915, Edith is the daughter of a prostitute and unknown father. She sung her way to the hearts of the French and through the war, with songs such as "Java Blue", "La Foule" and "Milord", to name but a few from a very large list of unforgettable classics.

Her life was so sad, that it was too beautiful to be true Sacha Guitry

Edith Piaf died on the 11th of October 1963, more than 40 years later, her last tour was dubbed "The Suicide Tour", as she was very frail from the use of morphine. More than 400 thousand people attended her funeral.

Piaf's songs are still sung and listened today by people of all generations, they lyrics symbolize love and pain, but most of they all the symbolize the French Life.

In France, people will still sing her songs, any day and at anytime.

An Edith Piaf site, An excellent site about Edith Piaf.

Maurice Chevalier

The French gentleman, a classic cinema star and a lady talker.
He was born in Paris September 12, 1888 and died January 1, 1972. He played roles in many musical comedies and films, for example "Gigi".

Jacques Brel

Jacques Brel, is not of French nationality, but Belgian, however, he has been and is still today, one of the most important figures in French music.
Born in 1926, Brussels, Belgium, Jacques Brel grew to become one the most loved singers in France, he had a very powerful lyrical talent, with words that hurt, loved and made many a person cry. He died on the 7th of October 1978.

Please visit the wonderful official web site of Jacques Brel

Serge Gainsbourg

The bad boy, the strange and uncontrollable figure of "Gainsbarre". A punk rocker with more than 50 years advance, anarchist, poet, artist, singer, lover, drunkard and much more. Hated by the people who like to control, loved by the everyone else.
Born in 1928, Lucien "Lulu" Ginsburg, but left us in 1991. Gainsbarre site.

Charles Aznavour

One of the most popular French croners, born in Paris, the 22 May 1924 as Micha Aznavourian and of Armenian parents, he is still singing today with more than 70 years of age. It is Edith Piaf who brings Charles to the US in 1946. He is also a very talented actor, with many films to his name.