Jobs & employment in France

If you are looking for a short term job or seeking a career in France, the following information should be help you in taking the first steps.

IMPORTANT : Employment with a French company

For EEC members, working in France is very simple as there is the free movement of labour. For non EEC members, you'll need a "Carte de sejours" and a valid visa, please check with a nearby French Embassy or Consulate for the latest requirements.

Types of Employment Contracts

In France all employement is with a legal contract between the employer and employee, there are different contract types:

  • CDD (contrat a dure determine), a contract for a for-mentioned period of time. This is often used for seasonal or temporary work. Can be renewed two times before becoming a CDI. Both sides must accomplish the period of time. So bewarned, if you are on a seasonal contract and you walk out of the job, your boss can legally ask you to repay all wages.
  • CDI (contrat a dure indetermine), a contract for an unlimited period of time. This is the most sort after contract but is difficult to obtain.
  • CNE (contrat nouvelle embauche). A contract with a two year trial period.

Please do not accept work without a contract and make sure you receive a pay slip.


In France there are legal minimum salaries (called the SMIC) which must be respected, payment is generally made at the end of the month. All wages must be paid with a bankers cheque or direct credit to your bank account. You will be given a detailed wage slip, showing all the deductions, social sercurity and tax payments.

How to find a job

Finding a job in France is no different than in any other country. You'll generally need to prepare a good hand written C.V. You'll find examples on many of the web sites below. You'll find job adverts in local newspapers, websites and also local employment offices, called "PE", which means Pole Emploi.

Below, you'll find a list of links, where you can begin to search for employment.

Please note, if you cannot speak or understand basic French... then you should start to learn some basic French phrases.

Useful French vocabulary about jobs and employment.

Seasonal jobs

There are many possibilities for short term seasonal work, from grape and fruit picking, bar man, waitress, chef, bilingual guides, bus drivers and even selling ice-cream on the beaches in the South of France. Of course it is good to have some French speaking knowledge.

Grape and fruit picking

You'll find many opportunities to work on farms and in the vine yards. Start looking for work in late August, as the season progresses you just keep moving north. There are still some places which offer accommodation and meals.

Hotel and restaurants

Employment in hotels and restaurants is very popular, generally these are seasonal jobs, but it is possible to work almost all year around switching between the Ski season in the mountains and the summer season in the south.

  • e-Hotel, with offers from all regions and towns, Chef, Waiters and Barman.
  • Recrutor, with offers in the tourism industry.

Ski resorts

Ski stations and resorts can also offer a wide range of seasonal jobs from November to Easter. you'll find jobs such as barman, bus driver, B&B cleaning, catering and guide. This is a great chance for people who enjoy snow and skiing.

Barges and yachts

A great experience and a nice way to travel around the country. You'll find jobs for both qualified crew and the novice.

Sites with jobs for white collar workers

Companies offer employment for qualified and university people with the status of Cadre. Before applying make sure your CV is perfect and that you can speak French...
Make sure you have all your diplomas translated before applying.