French vocabulary for the gardeners

The names of flowers, trees and shrubs in French

If you like gardening, you'll want to learn some French vocabulary.

With the great differences in climates and geography there are huge differences in what and where to grow your flower, shrubs and trees in France.

France is a country of great gardeners, for flowers or vegetables. You'll find the historical "French formal garden" jardin à la française symbolized by the gardens at the Chateau de Versailles with it's distinct manner of symmetry and conquering nature, but also the small vegetable patch with a dash of "Dahlia" and "French marigold" œillet d'Inde typical in all French villages.


Names of some of the more common species which you'll find in the country.

English French Latin
Larch Mélèze d'Europe Larix decidua
Oak Chêne Quercus


English French Latin
Rose bush Le rosier Rosa

Plants and flowers

English French Latin
Tulip Le tulipe Tulipa

In the garden

Things that are part of a garden.

English French
Grass L'herbe (la)
Green house La serre
Lawn La pelouse, le gazon
Vegatable patch Le potagère

Garden tools and implements

English French
Lawn mower La tondeuse
Rake Le râteau
Shovel La pelle
Spade La bêche

Useful French Phrases

Hardy annual (HA): Vivace

Half hardy annual (HHA): Vivace

Annual :

Biennial : Bisannuelle