Farms and farming in France

Farming is one of France's most important industries, the country is self-sufficient in food supplies. From cereal crops, to beef, pork and poultry to fruit and vegetables.

Although there is industrial farming, there are still many other farmers who have decided to use traditional techniques and bio-farms. There are many small farms producing high quality products. Remember that the tradition of the French cuisine has much to do with this success, as people are seeking genuine regional products.

The type of farming is very defendant on the region as the climate and soils vary so much, but also on ministry and EEC decisions. From the mountains to the plains and coasts, you will find breeds specific to their home regions and diverse methods adapted to the terrain.

For English speaking people searching information about purchasing a farm or setting up farm business in France.

Read the article about the day in the life of a French farmer. Like many farmers, Remi has dedicated his life to his herd of Charolais cattle, 7 days a week all year around. Fighting to pay back bank loans and worried about the future of his farm.

  • Milk from dairy cattle, goats, sheep
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Poultry from turkey, chicken, partridge, quail
  • Cereal crops with wheat, oats, barley, rye
  • Fish from the Mediterranean and Atlantic

Information about the traditional breeds

Cattle used for beef production :

Aubrac, Blonde d'Aquitaine, Charolaise, Gasconne, Limousine, Maine Anjou, Salers


Cattle used for dairy production :

Abondance, Brune, Montbéliarde, Normande, Tarentaise

Pork used in meat production

Basque, Bayeux, Blanc de l'ouest Corse, Gasconne, Limousin

Sheep used in meat production :

Berrichon du Cher, Boulonnaise, Cotentin, Ile de France, Landes de Bretagne, Mouton Charollais, Mouton Vendéen, Rouge de l'Ouest

French Game Birds

AMP Game bird consultancy consultancy in pheasant, partridge and quail breeding. With more than 20 years experience game-bird farming, AMP Agriculture provides an on site service with reports and the expertise to overcome all your problems, putting you in the right direction for successful breeding. Professionalism at your service.

  • Fertility and incubation problems
  • Incubators and other machinery
  • Feeding and quality water supplies
  • Rearing aviaries
  • Production control

Pheasants, partridges and quails breeding

Game birds from the Vendee region

Game bird breeding farms located in the Vendee region, south west of France. The climate is perfect for Pheasants, Partridges and Quails breeding. With the capacity of exporting large quantities of eggs, chicks and young birds, the farm has the highest reputation in quality but also quantity.

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Tip of the day

With Charolais cattle, the female twin who has a brother, will be sterile