We decide to drive out for the day and explore near by places and purposely choose to not visit the Burgundy vineryards.
Instead we head in the opposite direction past Sombernon and by chance there is a grand final of the Border Collie Sheep dog competition.

SAM_3065 SAM_3069 SAM_3059

After a couple hours of fun,
we drive a few miles to the east to a very curious place.

Although we 300 kilometres south of the grand French capital Paris, we suddenly find ourselves in Paris. Yes !

The source of the river Seine, which is hidden in a tiny valley accessible only via a windy and lonely road, belongs to the city.


Instead of driving to the Burgundy capital Dijon, we  cut westwards directly. Over the hills and slowly down the serpentine roads into the valleys, to finally arrive in the village of La Bussiere sur Ouche.


A hidden gem bathed in Cistercian heritage.


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