On the 9th August, at Mulhouse and its surroundings, yesterday’s victory felt short for the soldiers. The officers knew that a great amount of German forces were very close but disagreement in the leading ranks lead to the soldiers keeping their positions. The French artillery unsuccessfully fired at a German train during the entire morning. A train that was transporting more and more enemies to the nearby forest. At the end of the afternoon, an attack launched by a corps ( the VII ) plus another division, forced the French troops to retreat after resisting several hours. The retreat was success, despite being the target of German artillery.

The French regiments organized themselves only several kilometers from Mulhouse, who was only defended by General Bonneau and his men who would retreat on the morrow, the 10th of August. The German victory at Mulhouse cost 3,000 men and France suffered 4,000 casualties. With the retreat of Bonneau, the French commandment began to send troops to the Vosges. Bonneau lost his position because of his “ lack of aggressiveness “ and hence was replaced. The retreating troops headed to Belfort, a fortified place.

The battle of Mulhouse is part of the bigger Battle of the Frontiers, fought by France, Belgium and the United Kingdom against the German Empire, a battle that will last until the 23rd of August.

At the same time, Belgium was loosing its incredible system of fortifications and fortresses. The German machine was advancing and was unstoppable.

The same day, in Africa, a joint operation between France and the United Kingdom launched an invasion of Togoland,  a German colony.