Walking in the steps of ancient Romans along the cobbled streets of the town called “Autun”.


In central France there is an unusual area called the Morvan. This is not a region nor a department but a large granite stone area with hills, forests and lakes.  The Morvan is also a regional park of almost 3000 square kilometres. In some ways it reminds me of Wales.

One of the most important and charming towns in the Morvan is called Autun.

The town was called Augustodunum during the Roman Empire, the ancient traces are still very visible with landmarks and ruins such as the temple of Janus, the tower of  Ursulines, a magnificent amphitheatre, ramparts and other buildings.

Mining for coal and Oil shale assisted in the growth and wealth for many years.

Today, the pedestrian cobbled streets are a joy to walk along.



The huge market square is host to many an event,  surrounded by cafes and restaurants, it is a delight to spend some time at a terrace with a cup of coffee and watch the world go by.